An Update on the move!

Well I am pretty happy with the new blog. I have finally managed to work out how to design the blog (it was looking really boring). I have managed to put drawings everywhere – something that was going to happen here in the near future. I am happy to move to blogspot but WordPress has always been great to be. Yesterday I celebrated a month since starting the blog and I have got 10 followers – could you followers please come and follow my blogger. There is a follow by email if you don’t have blogger or BLOGLOVIN (link on blogger page). Thanks so much for your support this past month. I am going to continue the move but I will never get rid of this blog. It has started my journey into the blogging world. So hello stage 2 of blogging. I am ready for anything blogging might bring me.

So please visit me at : – please visit it. 

Love Harri

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So i am sort of trialing something. I want to move the blog to blogger. Yes I know it’s big but blogger seems so much easier with the google+ and everything. But don’t fret I’m going to continue posting here as well for a while because if I hate blogger I will delete it. So goodbye WordPress – you have been jolly good to me. I will never ever delete this blog. So to all your Followers out there, please do the biggest favour and go follow me on blogger and bloglovin I love this blog but Goodbye!!!

Love Harri

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Today we were trying to fill in time and we were in the city. We felt like sitting down and having a snack so we headed off to Britomart for a hot chocolate and crossiant at a little French cafe called L’assiette. It is very French (some of the staff even speak it) and petite. The crossiants are so delicious, I could have eaten more than one. Oh and did I mention that the hot chocolates came with Hershey’s Kisses; (!) Yum.

crossiantcrossiantIf you are in the Auckland Central area, I recommend you checking out this place. Their website is here and they are open almost all day with a breakfast and lunch menu plus french treats (macarons, tarts and eclairs!) and traditional french pastries. They are located at 9 Britomart Place, Britomart, Auckland.

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Candy Land + Printable Candy Bag

CandyLand_1I crafted up these sweet little Candy Bag the other day. I had to share them with you. They are covered in lots and lots of little girly illustrations that I drew. They look perfect as party favour bags or anything really. I have mine on my desk filled with paper clips, pegs and other useful stationary items. But my little sister has spent ages colouring hers in for a bag for her little trinkets and toys. Here is the template for the Candy Bag if you would like to print it off.

P.S. As you can see I have starting being more creative in my photo posts. I got a new application called Inklet which turns my trackpad into a pen tablet. I have yet to master it as you can also see. But the saying does go ‘practice makes perfect’. So I will just keep on practicing!

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Star Jasmine #2

I thought I should start being more creative with my blog posts. This is my result on trying to use “attention circles” and colour. Please Let me know what you think. As you can see I have just used photos from my post Star Jasmine. So what do you think?


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