Candy Land + Printable Candy Bag

CandyLand_1I crafted up these sweet little Candy Bag the other day. I had to share them with you. They are covered in lots and lots of little girly illustrations that I drew. They look perfect as party favour bags or anything really. I have mine on my desk filled with paper clips, pegs and other useful stationary items. But my little sister has spent ages colouring hers in for a bag for her little trinkets and toys. Here is the template for the Candy Bag if you would like to print it off.

P.S. As you can see I have starting being more creative in my photo posts. I got a new application called Inklet which turns my trackpad into a pen tablet. I have yet to master it as you can also see. But the saying does go ‘practice makes perfect’. So I will just keep on practicing!


About Harri

I'm a 13 year old New Zealand blogger who loves cats and fashion.
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