Wednesday Wishes: ModCloth

This weeks Wednesday Wishes are dresses from ModCloth. These are currently on my wishlist – they are so pretty . I also couldn’t help drawing them. The originals are now on my magnet board in my room. They make me so happy.Wednesday_wishes

The Very Dot of You  ♥ Strawberry Sure Bet ♥ Try as You Maize

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At The Seaside


It was a nice day for a trip to the beach – even with the odd gust of wind.  The weather was very patchy but it was lovely when the sun finally did come out – great photos too. I wore my new playsuit which is from All About Eve Clothing.


Oh and did I mention that we had an ice cream at the end of the day from my favourite ice cream parlour, The Store on Kohi. There is also one in Takapuna. (Those of you in Auckland will know where I’m talking about).IMG_1593 IMG_1584 IMG_1559

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Double Denim

IMG_1496I thought about calling this post Mary Poppins. Typical Auckland brought quite a lot wind and rain to us today. Everytime we had gusts, my umbrella almost took off into the sky. But anyway onto the post – this is double denim or at least double denim look. I wore my navy shorts and my denim jacket (my favourite jacket at the moment). My Umbrella is pretty broken, but it did the trick today in all the wind and rain. Having a hot chocolate at the local cafe cheered me up afterwards.

IMG_1496 IMG_1501

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Happy New Year……..Do you like my necklace. It’s a secret where it is from (but I’ll just tell you. It’s from Cotton On Kids) don’t laugh, I told you where it was from. We were out shopping for some clothes for my sister (7) so we were in Cotton On Kids. I found this necklace and had to get it, it was only $7 and no other teenager is going to wear it so it’s quite unique. My skirt is from Huffer, the t-shirt is from Velvet and my denim jacket is from Workshop. Oh and my shoes (my favourite shoes at the moment) are Twill Boat Shoes from Country Road. I chose yellow out of green and pink. But I had to choose yellow.


These photos were taken at The Depot – my family’s favorite restaurant. We always go on NYE and say our resolutions. The Depot is down at SkyCity (where the sky tower in Auckland is) so we saw the NYE party starting by the sky tower. I’m going to let you have a sneak peek into my 2013. My three resolutions are to stay really organised and focused during my first year of Senior School. My second resolution is to grow my hair long. As you can see, my hair is quite short at the moment. And last but not least resolution is to succeed really well with the blog. I have submitted the blog to ModCloth blogger of the Moment. I am all set for an amazing and rewarding 2013. Happy New Year everyone – you will definitely be seeing more on this blog. Have safe and happy holidays (if it’s your on summer break). New Year 1 IMG_1442

P.S. I cropped out my face in most of the photos as we were just waiting for a table and didn’t have that much time to take the photos i.e. I wasn’t looking good in any of them.

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In My Best Dress, Fearless


So today we went across to this reserve that is across my street. It’s just a plain field with football goals. That’s pretty much it. But then out the back, there is this overgrown area. We climbed up it. That’s why these pictures look like it’s a jungle/forest setting. It’s really not, just a forgotten about area at the back of a park. When we were climbing through the branches and the name of this post came to me. Taylor Swift’s lyrics in my best dress, fearless. I think it came to me, when I realised that I was in a overgrown forest completly fearless in my best dress. IMG_1339

In these photos I am wearing a Karen Walker dress, red authentic Vans and my Dita Optical glasses. IMG_1352 IMG_1340 IMG_1358 IMG_1349 IMG_1341

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